PC-based Radar Products
Developed by Russell Technologies Inc.

RTI has introduced a full range of modular radar products founded on its industry-leading PC-based Radar Technology. These products includestandalone radar systemsremote control radar systems and radar systems developed for specific applications such as Unmanned Surface Vessels(USV’s). These systems can also be tailored to meet specific radar applications and requirements.

For our OEM business partners, we offer theIntegRadar™ line of computer hardware designed to meet the demands of marine navigation. FeaturingEthernet-based networking with TCP/IP or USB and extensive radar brand compatibility

the IntegRadar Software Development Kit (SDK) offers the easiest development path in the industry for integrating radar image overlay into electronic chart systems. Our latest technology also provide for full integration of master control radar into OEM operational software. This will allow the OEM to have fully interactive control of the radar through its own operational software.

For our dealers and end users, our products include the RTI standalone radar systems that enable master control of the radar, Ethernet-based networking with TCP/IP, and extensive radar brand compatibility. RTI products are available through a worldwide dealer network .

The following PC-based radar technology products are offered for a variety of applications:



Radar imagery on OEM products through the RTI SDK


Standalone radar systems or for integration into OEM operational software through the RTI SDK


RTI Remote Control Radar Product Line 
Self-contained systems for wireless reception of radar information

For more information about our products, please see all of our brochures available through the Downloads page.