About Us

Russell Technologies Inc (RTI) is a hi-tech hardware and software development company.

RTI has commercialized its PC-based Radar technology by focusing on relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and direct radar systems sales to end-users in the marine and other industries. RTI has expanded their PC-based radar technology to other applications including surveillance, search, detection, security and military industries; with appropriate strategic alliances.

RTI manufactures, sells and supports the PC-based marine radar technology products through a worldwide dealer network. RTI thinks ahead, being an early proponent of overlaying radar images on electronic charts. RTI also produced the world's first PC-based radar Chart Plotter and the first radar with a "human-eye" 3D view of ARPA targets.

RTI also provides for specialized PC-based radar applications and works with its clients to develop specific software and/or hardware to meet the end-users requirements.  We also provide the necessary support and integration of our PC-based radar technology into specific manufacturers’ radar transceiver to meet very detailed specifications.

RTI is working closely with one of their end-users in providing a turn-key solution for full remote control of marine radars for Avian radar applications.  This will provide a radar system that will greatly improve the way analysis is undertaken by the industry in tracking migratory bird populations.