RTI Remote Control Surveillance

Remote Control Surveillance Radar Systems

Russell Technologies Inc. (RTI) is pleased to provide a PC-based low-cost, high-performance, locally controlled or remotely controlled radar system for tracking and monitoring of wide marine areas or local confined critical marine infrastructures or areas. This radar system has evolved over many years of development for use in commercial & military applications. It has now been refined in collaboration with a number of organizations to provide a highly capable remote control surveillance radar system.

These refinements include:

  • Radar underlay of geo-referenced TIFF maps, if required.
  • Inclusion of specific boundaries for automatic bird detection & tracking at geo-referenced location
  • 4096 scan lines per rotation
  • Higher resolution imagery
  • Remote control of radar up to 20km
  • Sector blanking of up to 180 sectors
  • Removal of non-moving radar imagery
  • Saving of track targets to file for post
    processing purposes
This PC-based radar system can be used with many different radar manufacturers’ transceivers from 2 to 60kw S-band & X-band radar transceiver systems.
The radar interface technology can be interfaced to existing radar as a slave and only requires azimuth information, heading marker, trigger and video signals from the transceiver. This provides for the same overall radar capability with the exception of full radar control.


  • Leading new video processor
  • HI-SPEED USB bus
  • 100 Mhz sample rate
  • Connect to any PC
  • High configuration flexibility
  • Compatible with most transceivers
  • SDK for rapid custom development and turn-key solution into existing operational software
  • Total radar image control
  • ARPA tracking and recording
  • Radar imagery recording & playback
  • Full radar control & software

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The RTI Radar SDK Advantage

RTI’s Radar Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides for flexible radar image generation, offering control of scale, heading & centering display parameters. The RTI Radar software routines also achieve superior clutter suppression, allowing weak but real targets to be bloomed on the display or for remote control radar applications.

The RTI SDK is an innovative programmers’ productivity tool. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP and XP embedded and meets industry standards for software technology including TCP/IP and HI-SPEED USB communications. A programmer’s manual is provided that explains, in detail, how to use the available features that include all capabilities that are provided on a normal master radar system plus other RTI specialized capabilities such as sector blanking, removal of non-moving radar imagery, etc.

The RTI Radar Processor Advantage

The RTI radar interface unit conditions and digitizes radar video signals and converts the radar echo data into digital radials, also compressing the image for TCP/IP transmission over an Ethernet connection via the XIR3000C system.

The RTI radar interfaces to existing X, S, or C-band radar system, matching connection specifications for all popular radars and many less common makes.