RTI IntegRadar XIR3000C

PC-Based Digital Radar Signal Processing Technology

The revolutionary new design of the PC-based IntegRadar XIR3000C and Antenna Control Module (ACM) represents a powerful development resource for radar integration for surveillance, local and remote radar control and many other applications. Compatible with most radar transceivers on the market from 2 to 60 kW, it offers rapid custom development of radar functionality for standalone master radar control or custom operation with OEM ECS and ECDIS for navigation, surveillance and remote control radar applications.

Capable of receiving any combination of input signals, the open connectivity of the XIR3000C permits a high degree of configuration flexibility required for transceiver connections where more than one signal is combined on a single conductor. The Antenna Control Module mounts internally within the radar transceiver to provide for improved processing capability. The interface to the transceiver is via two CAT5 cables plus ship or ground power input.

To avoid distance limitation, RTI offers Ethernet-TCP/IP in addition to standard HI-SPEED USB with the server version of the XIR3000 by adding a single board computer within the XIR3000C enclosure. The implementation architecture is a client/server implementation with active/ passive clients. The active client has full radar control while the passive client has full access to all radar information and data via the network.

The ability to use the IntegRadar XIR3000C as a radar master with the RTI Antenna Control Module makes this an extremely powerful system for a multitude of applications including unmanned marine surface vessels.


  • Leading edge technology
  • New video processor
  • HI-SPEED USB bus and TCP/IP
  • 100 mhz sample rate
  • High configuration flexibility
  • Compatible with most transceivers
  • SDK for integration into oem operational software
  • Total radar image control
  • Total radar image recording and playback capabilities

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The Economic Advantage

Adding radar functionality to an electronic chart system improves the competitive position, sales, and profitability. The RTI IntegRadar reduces time, cost, and risk of delivering radar functionality to the market. It improves product value proposition, making electronic chart systems more attractive to the customer base. It aids in realizing incremental profits from system upgrade sales, enlarging market segment, and increased new customer sales while avoiding the loss of existing customers to faster moving competitors.

The IntegRadar XIR3000C is a production tool that empowers ECS, ECDIS and Remote Radar Providers to stay ahead of industry advancements by developing new features and functionality quickly and easily.

The OEM Advantage

Displaying a vessel’s real-time movement on an electronic chart, in combination with matching radar imagery, makes navigation safer and easier. The result, displayed on a single display, is an at-a-glance understanding of current navigational safety aspects and the surface traffic situation.

Radar image overlay greatly improves interpretation of radar information in unknown harbor approaches. Using these radar integration tools leads to clear, easy-to-read presentations resulting in reduced stress for navigation officers and better navigation decisions.