PC-based Radar Technology

The PC-based Integrated Radar Technology is a sophisticated, automated, and fully functional radar system on a PC platform applicable in marine navigation, surveillance, security & military industries. Our know-how includes the radar interface hardware, related software, and systems integration expertise.

In marine navigation, the PC-based Radar Technology delivers a computer-aided marine navigation system that combines PC-based radar,Automated Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA), and modern electronic charting technology to create a state of the art, cost-effective navigation system that offers powerful, simultaneous collision avoidance and grounding avoidance.

The PC-based Radar Technology is more than an overlay of images. It is a user-friendly, real-time, continuous, fully automated, and integrated system PC-based Radar Technology that is the future of navigation, security and surveillance applications.


Remote Control Radar Technology

The RTI PC-based low-cost high-performance Radar Technology has been adapted for remote control application for Unmanned Surface Vessels(USV’s). A number of navies around the world have integrated the RTI technology for use on a wide range of USV’s for navigation, collision avoidance and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA).  All tracked target information including radar image information can be provided at the mother ship or the shore-based remote control center.

The RTI remote control radar technology has also been adapted for use for Avian radar applications. This radar system can be installed at remote sites and fully controlled via a wireless link to the main control area.  This system can provide for full data recording of all tracked targets including the raw radar imagery for post-processing purposes.

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